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Sunday Column (475)

I am pumped. Oh yes, my 2nd interview went live on the podcast and I have recorded 4 more this week. I am on fire. I am ready to ignite the space of success and already identified patterns of success. If you haven’t listened to any of my podcasts yet, head over to my website Stories of Success and register for updates.
It is so much fun and I am learning so much from speaking to successful people. I’d love to start writing a book and talk to people about it already but I want to do more interviews and understand the deeper meaning of ‘success’ before I consider anything else on the topic. I shall keep you posted and I hope you enjoy the podcasts; please let me know of any feedback and share my podcast, rate it and most of all, enjoy!

This week I interviewed four people for my podcast, and they were all different. All different good. Tell me who you think I should interview? Who do you think has an opinion on success and how it plans out? Which person inspires you?

Also this week I had a few interviews for jobs. One was outside the industry and it was different, as you don’t have the common ground. There was no chat about header bidding and supply path optimisation, name dropping or the common frustration of the state of the adtech industry. Yet GDPR affects us all. Again, and independent of the outcome, it was a great learning and a fantastic opportunity to meet a senior leader.
Other interviews were somewhat easier, as they were within the industry. Yet each interview comes with its own challenges. No matter what you prepare, there is a question you didn’t prepare, or you have to be careful how to phrase it. It is a full time job to prepare for them, do research and get feedback from current clients and industry peers. Again, great learning no matter the outcome, and as always I keep you posted. One thing to add is that when you get really nervous you starting to care – what I mean is that there are some interviews I just go in and have a chat, but the more nervous I get, the more I know it is the right step and I want the job. Does that make sense?

That covers two topics I spend a lot of time on: my podcast and my interviews. All in the name of finding a job, positioning and learning. The other time I spend is mainly with the family. As I get busier, I do less school runs, yet had the boys all Thursday afternoon, e.g. had to pick them up from school, take them to tennis etc. That is hard work, and doing it once in a while makes you really appreciate what my wife is doing every week. With her being at work more often now too, it is nice to be able to help and work around her schedule. If money was no objective, I could imagine doing that for a while, but the reason one goes stir crazy is not only because of ‘not having a job’, it is that feeling of ‘not adding value’ and ‘not contributing’. And that is not only true for myself but for the wife not working regularly either. Focus and balance is key, similar to when you are back at work. I cannot wait to go back to the next challenge in order to apply a lot of the learning from the past few years to it. And the learning from talking to very smart people on my podcast. Fingers crossed.

I am reflecting on the week before I send this off. Honestly, I believe things will change once I am back in full time work. Less over engineering, more living in the moment and going and investing things that matter to me. To be able to create an income with or without an employer in the future, the ability to survive and just make it work regardless of the state of the industry. There is a plan I am working on…

With those thoughts, I hope you have a great week ahead. In the spirit of my podcast, what is the one thing, the item on your priority A list, that you will tackle this week. Which frog are you going to swallow first?

Good luck,

Thursday Flash (4)

Happy Thursday. I am getting busier, but feedback and statistics on the side shows that you like my bulletin. Enjoy this week’s edition:

Willing to do whatever it takes? Are you ready? If you want the ultimate success and you want to be on top of the world, retire on that beach, you must be ready to do whatever it takes. I enjoyed reading this article, a bit motivational and makes you think, how much you want to sacrifice in order to push things forward.

Simon Sinek suggests some questions to ask when starting a new (junior) job. Whilst I think it is more relevant for junior jobs, there are some takers for senior interviews too. Asking the right questions is key when applying and interviewing. One should not forget, ‘inter view’ means ‘between views’ means it is a two (or more) way process. I remember hiring someone once because he clearly impressed me with the questions he asked, how he asked me and his thinking behind those questions. So remember, it is not a one way street and come prepared to ask the right questions.

I put this in my Sunday Column as well, but this video is just a must watch in my opinion: The man with no limbs who never gives up and is a very happy person. It goes in line with the first link, are you ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. And if not, why not? Maybe you are happy with your current state and don’t want to develop, which is fair enough. But if you do, watch this man. No more excuses. For anything!

Sunday Column (17)

This week was overwhelming. What should I say?

I cut down on the interviews a bit because I really want to enjoy the time with my wee boy. He is growing so quickly and is VERY cute! We decided to put pictures online and on Facebook but not making them all publicly available. So please contact me or my wife if you want to see some more.
Monday night was a hail storm. I put pictures of that on Facebook too. Crazy weather for early June, I have to say!

Tuesday we went back to hospital. Colin was diagnosed with over 10% weight loss (10.7%) and jaundice. Both are relatively normal and after many tests and endless waiting in the hospital, we got the “all ok” stamp. Jenny needed to stay in hospital with the boy and I went home. However, after we had such a good experience with the hospital, Princess Royal in Farnborough, we were highly disappointed with this stay. Each midwife said something different, confusing the new mother and father, stressing us out and pushed us beyond our comfort zone. I would have expected more empathy, care and respect from professional midwifes. Some midwifes even admitted that their colleagues are “bad“. Anyhow, we are home again, and we are happy again and wee Colin is well. He is eating a lot and already has put on a lot of weight. I so love him!

This episode resulted in me taking the decision to cancel another meeting with a recruitment consultant. I have to say that there are very good ones out there that really care about you and the job you want to get into. Some just ignore you, don’t care and play with you, knowing you might be desperate to find a job. I am not overly, so got really annoyed with some. One of the biggest agencies in our industry, didn’t even manage to get back to me although I applied to 2 jobs, phoned twice, and added them on instant messenger. Funny enough they have a few jobs going I was put forward through other agencies. Really bad. Once I have found a job, I might just write a bit about my experience and tell you which recruitment consultants are good and which ones I did not like 🙂

Thursday and Friday we managed to chill out a bit and prepare the house for the arrival of my mother in law. She arrived late Friday and we had a really good time. 3 generations in one little house for a weekend. What a brilliant time we had.

The amount of presents we got is overwhelming. People are so generous and caring. This is so fantastic. Thank you all so much for your pressies and cards. We will respond asap.

Colin on Fathers Day
Colin on Fathers Day

Besides the immense time I am spending during my paternity leave to help Jenny and little Colin, I still go for interviews. This is a shame but needs to be done, e.g. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to get interviewed by great companies and hope to have a new position soon. I keep you posted. Hopefully, once I have a decision, I can take another week off – just for the family.

On my Balamadana project, the blog I write with the Buddhist monk, I wanted to give you an update. Marcelo who was a monk when I met him and then left his monk hood in London, and we then started the blog to write about Buddhism and Management. He now decided to go back and become a monk again, he is being re-ordained in Brazil. I am very very happy for him and think it is a great step for him and he will truly enjoy it. Unfortunately, this means the project Balamdana will be on hold for a while and I am thinking if I continue there or continue to introduce a Buddhist column into this blog. I keep you posted.

Wish me luck for next week. Fingers crossed and I keep you posted.

Love and Happiness from all of us,

Sunday Column (15)

Another week and a rainy weekend, at least most of Saturday and Saturday/Sunday night. Even some thunderstorm. Welcome to Britain.

At the time of me writing this blog entry there is no news from little Colin to come out. Jen had some acupuncture and we are hoping it speeds things up. We will have breaking news on this blog depending on the situation. Also, we will inform you via email and send first pictures. What an exciting but also stressful time!

This week was a busy interview week. With a flying start on Monday and 3 interviews on Thursday/Friday, I am now all interviewed out 🙂 I hope that one of the interviews I had will lead to a job. Again, I keep you posted on the developments.

We got our Lombok sideboard exchanged. It had a big crack in the top piece and they exchanged it quickly and without asking too many questions. Their customer service is just great. So is their furniture. Nice to see that companies don’t cut down on customer service.

Our friends’ Volker & Tini had their wedding this weekend and we hope they had better weather than us. Shame we could not make it, as we so would have loved to be there. But with the due date being a day before the wedding, this just was not an option. I don’t want to say “see you next time”, but surely see you at the next occasion soon. Enjoy your honeymoon!

I spent Saturday morning visiting our old neighbour and then went to Waitrose. Their 4 for 3 or 8 for 6 offer on wine is very tempting. So I got into the wine buying rush and got a few bottles, then went to Oddbins and stocked up on the great stuff even more. As a result I re-organised my wine cellar (under the stairs) and noticed that I have about 60 bottles laying around, some of which exceed the proud price of £10, some the £20 and a few….never mind. I just really like my good wines and hope I can enjoy them more often again when the wee man is here.

So, a lazy lazy weekend. No CV writing, no interview preparation. Just a waiting game and lots of thoughts on my mind. Even the cats were lazy. I don’t think they moved all day. Pah…..

Then again I was active today. Pictures to follow, but we spent a small fortune on garden plants and dug up the garden once again and planted so many plants. It will look all nice flowery and green soon that I cannot wait to share some pictures!

Also, on Twitter, I finally cracked the 500 followers. That is good going.

Lets pray for some nice weather next week, the arrival of our boy and me finding a job.

Love and Happiness from our wee, greener and more flowery, place,