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Is it just me? Customer Service again.

I wonder lately. Three weeks ago I took my car to the garage because of a noise. When they found out it was the hand brake, they replaced it. I have been back three times, now a fourth time in order to get rid of some noises that shouldn’t be there. And, Kwik Fit clearly said they had tested it. How could that be? Then I went to the Slug and Lettuce in Beckenham today. I got a plate where half way through I noticed that the cheese had some mouldy bits (mozzarella for fajitas). When I complained I got an insecure “I am sorry” and then new cheese. The bill came without amendments, e.g. reductions. So I asks whether they wanted to review the bill serving my 2 year old and myself mouldy cheese. I got £2 off without a further apology. How rude! Then Ocado delivered the wrong soup. I haven’t had trouble with Ocado for a long time but now it seems to start again. Phil & Teds on the other hand responded to my enquiry about a not so well designed sun cover very quickly. Delivery for the new part took three weeks though but the

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