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Wine for just over Β£10 – Glorioso Rioja

I have been careful with Rioja lately but my wife decided to pick the Glorioso Rioja from Oddbins. And, I have to admit, a good choice. glorioso rioja It reminded her and me of our holiday in Spain where we had fabulous Rioja.

Oddvins charges 11.99 unless you buy in dozens. This Rioja is made in a traditional style (they say) and tastes like a nice Rioja should taste: liquorice and dried fruits, round and persistent in the mouth with ripe tannis. I would call it a medium to dark bodied wine. It is of course made from the Tempranillo grapes and aged for 36 months, then afterwards for another 12 months in French oak barrels, hence the Reserva aspect πŸ˜‰

With 13.5% it is a bit on the heavy side but I believe the 2003 wines from Spain are.

I think this is definitely a wine we would buy again, with a nice Sunday roast or just with a few slices of cheese and jam, Serrano ham and olives. Just need some hotter weather πŸ™‚

Wine from a friend – Bodegas Santo Cristo

Continuing my series about wine, I want to draw your attention to a wine from Spain. I am normally not the biggest fan of Spanish wines but this one is special: my good friend and multilingual search marketing specialist Oscar gave it to me.

It is wine from his home region in Spain, close to Zaragoza.

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The website for this wine can be found here: Bodegas Santo Cristo.


The Reserva, a blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo, has been aged for 14 months in American oak barrel followed by 12 months bottle refining to complete the aromas and taste.

It is a great wine and I enjoyed drinking a wine that is not available in this country πŸ™‚ It makes it somehow special. It has tasting notes of cherry with violet and brownish tones. That is how it is described. For me it was a taste “up” from Rioja, e.g. red fruits with a heavy toasty note but complex fruity flavours. The tannis wasn’t very strong and the palate was very balanced.

Garnacha is a the typical Aragonese variety. This kind of grape, well cared and elaborated gives you an excellent quality wine with intense aromas of mature red fruits. The wines have a fruity raspberry aroma and a warm taste with a velvety and smooth palate.

Tempranillo on the other hand is a more extended variety of high quality. These wines have a marked and balanced acidity and a fine aroma and flavour, a bit of strawberries and wild fruits flavours.

Thank you again for this Christmas present which I enjoyed very much!

Next week I bring you another speciality, probably one of the most expensive wines I ever had πŸ™‚

Spain pictures online

Just to let you know that the spain pictures are online at Picasa.

I am busy this weekend, having my parents for a visit. So here are my favourite pictures fromΒ  the album:

a) I liked the little old towns in Spain, like Segovia, with the little roads. Cannot think of the German word for “Gasse” but I am sure you see what I mean – Google translates it as “Gasse” πŸ˜‰

b) Salamanca has one of the most famous (so was I told) squares. The plazas in Spain are great. They offer the opportunity for everyone to come together after the heat at night and have a few vinos and some nice food.

c) Astorga has a nice cathedral/church designed by Gaudi. Gaudi is very famous for his cathedral in Barcelona. Here is a link to Wikipedia from where you find more links if you are interested.

d) There were 3 Angels outside the Gaudi church in Astorga. I really liked their image.

e) Along our way we passed a village called Castrillo de los Polvazares which has been left in its original state. I found a video online from a group called Areaturistica. Information on Wikipedia seem to be only available in Spanish. There is a fantastic shot on Flickr. Amazing!

So anyone who can contribute some content to this in English, please comment!
I believe I read a sign on the roadside saying it either is or will be a World Heritage Site soon. However, looking at the Unesco Website I could only find the following sites that are named world heritage along our way:

f) Now, last but not least, a picture of myself πŸ™‚ I admit the shorts just don’t go with the top but I did not wear that out like it was anyway…., or did I?

Have a great weekend!


Pictures from Spain

I know, whilst my wife usually handles all the picture uploads….I am sitting at home on holidays, finished my tax return and thought to myself “why not upload a preview of some of our Spain holiday pictures?” – so here we go, more to be seen soon on Picasa.

Also, you find one more picture on our website.

Spain, summer and a week off

Yes, I have been away. Whilst probably not too many people noticed it, I have been to Spain for almost a week. I wrote some blog entries in advance so you ain’t getting bored.

Let me start with Spain.
We flew down with Easyjet to Madrid, hired a car from Hertz (sorry, really recommend Hertz) and drove up to a place called A Coruna from where we flew back last night. Clickair does a fantastic low cost flight from there to Heathrow.

From Madrid we drove up to Segovia, a lovely little town with an amazing aquaduct with a lovely little succulent pig to eat. Nice Rioja wine and a high food bill. Our hotel/hostel, chosen by a good Spanish friend, was decent and good enough for a night. We had a lovely evening in the old city and from there started early morning to Astorga, our 2nd stop.

So, leaving the town of Segovia around 11 in the morning with a slightly heavy head, we drove to Salamanca where, besides a nice cathedral, you can find a frog on a skull at the old university building. Very interesting.

From there we drove north to Astorga and slept in a nice little motel. That place also offered nice steak and Jen ordered “half a cow“, famously a steak the size of the rip of a veal (or whale, I do not remember πŸ™‚ ). Wow, very lovely, but since we speak little to no Spanish it was difficult to explain we wanted to have it “well done”. However, well done for my wife to finish most of the cow! Here is a picture I found on Flickr which shows about the size of the steak!

The next day we took some back roads with lovely curves from Astorga to Ponferrada and then back on the motorway to A Coruna where we stayed the next 4 days. We had 4 days of fiesta, the big summer fiesta, with our friends and family who live down there and also came over from Scotland. That was absolutely fabulous. Even if I do not clearly remember how I got down the hill one of the nights, but och well, the fiesta was amazing.

So thanks to everyone in A Coruna for our lovely time. Spain is a friendly place with friendly people and great landscapes. Just far too hot for a German. And, too many mosquitos.

Surely we will put some pictures on Picasa soon.

Here is a map of our way: map of Spain trip on Google Maps.

Now, I wanted to write about the summer and my remaining week off. I do that later I guess.

Speak soon,